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Focus on the new CyberKey® Vault 20S from Locken

11/04/2015 - 00:00

The new CyberKey® Vault 20S, based on Cyberlock technology, adds real value to the Locken access control solution for companies preferring to keep keys on site or wanting to combine on-line and off-line access control.

It offers a range of benefits, including:
- on sensitive sites, it means the keys never have to leave their place of use.
- on sites with on-line access control, it acts as an interface allowing electronic keys to be managed using existing RFID badges. It creates the link between on-line and off-line technologies.  

As Stéphane Conreux, Locken's innovation manager, explains: "This new multifunctional equipment is particularly suited to the needs of single-site and multi-site companies. It allows Locken electronic keys to be programmed, distributed and protected at a single location. The vault can also be used to assign access rights to the keys in real time. It optimises key management in high-security environments without affecting operational efficiency."

In terms of the practicalities, the keys are kept in the vault without being programmed. That means they will not work if they are stolen. They only become active when an authorised user, with a code or a badge, issues a request. When the request is made, the vault programs one or more keys with the access authorisations specific to the user. When the user returns the key to the vault after use, the battery is charged and the history of operations recorded on the key is sent to the central system. The key programming is erased and the key is now ready for a new user.

Multiple vaults, each holding up to 20 keys, can be connected in the same system.

The CyberKey® Vault 20S sits alongside the Locken access control solution, which includes intelligent electronic keys, electronic cylinders requiring no power source, and dedicated security and access management software for all points of entry.

 More than 150,000 industrial and commercial sites are already using the Locken solution in Europe.