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Electronic lock with electronic key and electronic cylinder


electronic lock - Locken

LOCKEN's electronic lock range is based on a cable-free access control system, comprising an electronic key and electronic cylinders or electronic padlocks. The LOCKEN electronic lock range is a superior replacement for a conventional mechanical lock, offering simple installation together with improved security and flexibility: access rights and power are transmitted to the cylinder by the key on insertion into the lock. Each key is unique, configured by the manager to suit the user's needs.

No more bunches of keys - this technology revolutionises conventional access control codes, offering a single key that can open a multitude of electronic lock.

The LOCKEN solution is suitable for all business sectors and is a response to all access issues that enterprises may encounter: it guarantees faultless operation and security in relevant zones, improves security in terms of respect for site rules, ensures maximum availability and absolute control of installations, facilitates access for subcontractors, guarantees response times, etc.

The LOCKEN electronic lock range requires no cabling and is equipped with electronic cylinders and/or padlocks without power supply requirement. All electronic cylinders offered by LOCKEN are unpickable. These passive cylinders are unlocked by the power and validation of the rights provided during key contact. Available in more than 300 models, they do not require any adjustment of doors or locks and can be very easily integrated in place of existing cylinders.

Following an integration study conducted by LOCKEN engineers in consultation with the customer, the LOCKEN solution can be interfaced with the customer's information system. Access management becomes a transparent link in the enterprise's information chain, perfectly integrated into its business tools.

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