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LOCKEN offers an access control solution based on electronic keys, electronic cylinders and padlocks.

This innovation can easily and advantageously replace traditional mechanical locks because LOCKEN’s cylinders fit into all existing mechanical hardware. LOCKEN’s solution offers more security thanks to an easy configuration of the access rights and the traceability of the events via a LOCKEN electronic key.

LOCKEN has a wide range of electronic cylinders allowing access to various places.

LOCKEN’s electronic cylinders are available in different shapes and dimensions offering great adaptability to all types of needs. They were designed and tested in order to work in extreme climatic conditions.

LOCKEN’s electronic cylinders are burglar-proof because they do not have a mechanical profile. All of LOCKEN’s electronic cylinders offer the same front contact with the keys.

A lock equipped with an electronic cylinder from LOCKEN thus can be activated manually once the authorisation is received from a registered LOCKEN electronic key.

LOCKEN’s electronic cylinders are power-free. The energy is provided by LOCKEN’s electronic smart key every time access is needed or when the cylinder requires setup.

The key incorporates the power source, access control and tracking.

Each one of the electronic hearts has its own identification number that has to be configured using LOCKEN’s software.

LOCKEN’s electronic cylinder stores the last 1,100 events with their dates and times.

LOCKEN’s electronic cylinders:

  • Are power-free: they do not require cables or batteries
  • Can be installed in all positions
  • Are manufactured with a unique ID, which cannot be changed or duplicated
  • Contain encrypted access codes to identify the system to which they belong
  • Can register data related to events and activations


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