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Door access control Locken

An access control solution requires many monitoring equipment to ensure buildings access security.

Door access control enables controlled access to a place, building, room or to any specific equipment.

Door access control includes three elements:

  • An authentication mechanism of the person
  • An authorisation mechanism: the person can be authenticated but not have the right to access at a certain time for instance
  •  Traceability features: for example, if the authorisation mechanism is not sufficient to guaranty someone the right to access to some places (respect of process, working hours,…), the traceability  makes up for this lack. It introduces a sword of Damocles making people aware of their responsibilities. It makes it possible to find afterwards who is responsible for an action


Security is a key issue today. Securing buildings or specific equipment seems vital. Door access control offers optimal security as well as flexibility for all access configurations.

Key centric access management for door access control is based around three elements, a smart digital key, digital cylinder and access right management, supported by a secure software suite.

The key itself contains the power source, configurable access rights and enables tracking. With no mechanical key profile it is reprogrammable and its unique identifier cannot be duplicated.

The digital cylinders, which are passive, are unlocked on contact with the key, which transmits power and communicates access rights.

Access rights providers – dedicated access rights authorizer, smart phone computer with Internet access – allow assignment of access rights, direct transmission of reports and the coordination of activities at different locations.

These 3 components completed with a software suite allow optimal door access control.

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