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Digital Door Lock Locken


There are several ways to ensure control and access management:

  • Mechanical access control based on a basic mechanical  key use
  • Mechatronic access control based on a  key that contains both a mechanical part and an electronic part
  • Fully electronic access control that doesn’t include any mechanical profile


The LOCKEN solution is a fully electronic access control system that offers a real digital door lock system.

The LOCKEN solution is based on the use of a smart key that contains the energy and the access rights and that allows to manage access with a large flexibility. In just a few seconds, the key transmits the energy and the data needed to open the digital door lock. The lock is then unlocked provided that the person is authorized to access the site.

The LOCKEN solution enables data transmission to the site managers. Indeed, the key can save up the last 3900 events and cylinders can save up to 1100 events.

Thus, the digital door lock can manage and control the activity on sensitive sites and critical infrastructures to which various types of contributors have to access (staff, subcontractors as maintenance teams, delivery companies, cleaning or gardening services… ). In addition to drastically improving the operations, the solution also significantly increases security.

One of the valuable advantages of a digital door lock is the possibility to cancel or change access rights. Managers can choose a validity period for each user, which can vary from one minute to the infinite. At the end of this period, it is necessary to renew the access rights by using one access rights authorizer.

Today, over 150 000 sites in Europe are equipped with a LOCKEN digital door lock.

For any further information or price request, please contact us on or fill in our contact form on the LOCKEN website.