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Bernd Kosnar has joined LOCKEN in the Central & Eastern Europe Region

11/27/2013 - 00:00

To support its development in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), LOCKEN has appointed Bernd Kosnar as Sales Director.  

Kosnar will rely on a significant experience of over ten years in sales, gained in international groups such as Basware GmbH and SAS Institute, where he provided significant contribution to the development of business.

Kosnar’s mission is to put particular emphasis on further developing LOCKEN in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, but also to foster the penetration of LOCKEN on other markets in Central Europe such as Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.  

LOCKEN’s offering is quickly taken up by the market with prime level companies already embracing the concept of access control without cabling notably in the Utilities and Banking sectors. 

“Access control is not about denying access, but about granting it. To the right place, for the right person, at the right time.” says Kosnar, “Once you start seeing access control as an issue for business process improvement you have made the first step towards realizing substantial cost reductions. Organizations throughout CEE are aware of this potential, and LOCKEN’s innovative solution is uniquely set-up to support in this endeavour.”