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Smart electronic keys

The LOCKEN key is the heart of the solution and concentrates all the system’s intelligence: it incorporates the power source, access control, and tracking. Without mechanical profile, each key is unique, impossible to duplicate, and reprogrammable

Locken, The world of digital access control

  • Unique: One key can open one or all access points (doors, gates, cabinets, etc.). No more bunches of keys
  • Impossible to duplicate: The LOCKEN  key has no mechanical cutting
  • Disable function: In case of loss or theft, just disable the key and it becomes unusable
  • Unlimited updating: The key holds up-dateable access authorisation for each site (days, authorized hours, delayed opening, etc.)

Locken, A WORLD OF innovations

  • Front contact between key and cylinder ensures a reliable digital exchange over time (unlike a traditional sliding contact)
  • Scalability guarantee : 100% digital, the key evolves along with the client's needs, free of the constraints of a mechanical key
  • Green technology : It features environmentally safe rechargeable batteries

Different communication mode

Each LOCKEN key can communicate with the access management software via a cable connecting the tip of the key to a computer. LOCKEN offers 4 types of keys integrating different technologies and offering additional communication mode

  • LOCKEN Infrared key: communication through the infrared port
  • LOCKEN USB key: communication through the micro USB port
  • LOCKEN Bluetooth key: communication through Bluetooth chip
  • LOCKEN WiFi key: Direct communication through the WiFi module

KEY Features

  • Operating temperature :  –10°C à +50°C 
  • Power : 1 lithium-ion polymer battery rechargeable within 2 hours. On request, 1 CR2 3V battery
  • Battery autonomy :About 500 contacts for everyday use and/or 2 to 3 months inactive.
  • Memory : Stores up to 3,900 time-logged events
  • Accessibility : Ability to open up to 3,300 cylinders with a standard key. Unlimited number of openings with a master key.