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Digital Key Solution

The LOCKEN digital key access control solution is based on a fully electronic intelligent key. It uses CyberLock contact technology, whose reliability and flexible management is unique on the market. It is controlled by the secure and ergonomic CyberAuditWeb software, enabling configuration of tailor-made accesses.

The LOCKEN digital key

Having no mechanical profile, the LOCKEN digital key contains the intelligence of the system and a built-in power source. It has configurable access rights for each user and is reprogrammable. The Locken digital key is unique. It replaces a bunch of keys and can open all access types - doors, gates, cabinets, etc. If the key is lost or stolen, it can simply be disabled and becomes unusable.

LOCKEN electronic cylinders and padlocks

Locken electronic cylinders and padlocks are installed without wiring. They unlock on contact with the digital key which transmits the power and the access rights. Available in more than 350 models, they are suitable for all types of locks and installations: they do not require any adaptation of doors and are installed, in all simplicity, in place of the existing cylinders and padlocks. Locken electronic cylinders are burglar-proof, sealed and weather resistant.

Management of access rights

It's easy to update access rights in keys and retrieve usage histories from a terminal, a computer connected to the Internet or a smartphone using the key's Infrared or Bluetooth chips if necessary.


Cyberlock LockenCyberlock, part of the Videx group, manufacturer of innovative technology, was the first company to design a pure key centric access control solution, fully digital and with a minimum of mechanical elements. By eliminating the cable between the lock and the managing software, Cyberlock has made access control possible in remote locations. This award winning technology has been since then installed on over 1,300,000 access points