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Access control: Real time without cabling

02/08/2016 - 00:00

A pioneer in cable-free access control based on smart keys, LOCKEN is also the first company to provide real-time communication as part of a stand-alone solution. This achievement is made possible by the combined use of the MyLocken mobile application and the new electronic Cyberkey incorporating Bluetooth technology.

In practice, adding Bluetooth technology to the standard Cyberkey allows it to communicate directly with an Android or Windows smartphone. This means users can retrieve their access rights in real time as soon as they have acknowledged their presence on site and solely for the duration of their call. 

In return, the security manager can be updated instantaneously on all access events occurring on a given site. These new functions make it possible to respond to the clearly expressed aspirations of security managers to improve procedures and reinforce safety measures.

For example, a maintenance engineer having to urgently attend a remote site who can receive his new access rights on his electronic key via his smartphone and thereby open electronic cylinders and electronic padlocks. To do so, he simply has to open his MyLocken App which will then transmit directly to his key the temporary access rights related to the job he has been tasked to accomplish.

Catherine Laug, Marketing Director of LOCKEN group explains: "Thanks to this innovation, LOCKEN is responding to the genuine needs of security managers who are looking to step up security at remote sites where mobile teams intervene. With this new solution, which permits the transmission of access data in real time without the constraints of cabling, LOCKEN is bringing a simple response to the market".

Several thousand technicians already use this innovation which is pushing back the conventional boundaries between the online and offline access control arenas.

150,000 sites in Europe are now equipped with the LOCKEN Cyberlock solution.