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Access control

The LOCKEN solution revolves round five components that provide security and flexibility: single electronic key, power-free cylinders, remote and flexible access control, a simple and flexible application suite, a breadth of support services.

acces control

a smart electronic key

The LOCKEN key is at the heart of the solution and concentrates all the system’s intelligence:  It incorporates the power source, access control and tracking. The key has no mechanical cutting, each key is unique, reprogrammable, and impossible to duplicate

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Power-free electronic cylinders

LOCKEN electronic cylinders are burglar-proof. Without mechanical profile, they unlock electronically once access is authorised with the key. With over 300 models, their installation requires no door alteration as they simply replace the existing cylinders

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Flexible access authorisation

The LOCKEN solution for authorisation management improves efficiency and profitability every day. Updating access authorisation in the keys and consultation of audit trail can be easily carried out from a fixed terminal, a mobile phone, or a computer connected to the Internet

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simple and flexible management software suite

The secure and user-friendly solution can interface with the customer information system integrating  seamlessly  into its value chain

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high quality support services

From plug & play to customised solutions, LOCKEN tailors its services to meet the needs of its clients. Our engineering expertise guarantees optimal customer support

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